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Letter: Use common sense and save a life

I am amazed that anyone with common sense would support anyone who is promoting a disease that kills people! Our governor had the common sense to realize that this was not only a state emergency but an international emergency. To stop the spread of COVID-19, he realized steps had to be taken, and because being the elected leader of our state that would be what any leader would do to save lives. This happened not only in Minnesota, but all around our nation as well as other nations.

My daughter and her husband are both doctors and have seen the results of this disease in their respective hospitals, and believe me it’s not pretty. Trying to save lives is a tough task. I was once a sports official for amateur sports, and the first rule in our rule book was protecting the health and safety of all participants in any sport. COVID is much deadlier than any sport. I am certain no one chooses to engage in a deadly disease. So the use of common sense should not have to be ordered by anyone, let alone our governor. So those promoting it should get their head out and help win the battle, not promote it. Get your vaccine shots. I have and wear a mask to help win the battle against deadly disease! Try using common sense, for a change, and save a life. When is saving a life unconstitutional?

James R. Jirele

Albert Lea