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Letter: Responding to recent attacks

I just have to answer the two attacks I received on letters to the editor May 19. The first one was from Jeremiah Forman. He mentioned I said on  April 14 in my letter “most of my letters are not based on facts.” He left out the next sentence I had that was “just plain common sense.” Common sense is what upsets a lot of far-right thinkers. It just goes to show you. He was just trying to attack the messenger and doesn’t know how to attack the message. The other attack I got was from Mavis Jacobs Hanson. I made a statement in my May 8 letter that anyone reading this letter didn’t know anyone who makes $400,000 or more in a year. Mavis in  her May 19 letter said Mr. Thorson, yes, I know people making over $400,000 a year. Then she listed industries and big organizations. Everyone knows that the president of GM and others like that demand big salaries.   But we don’t know them personally — we know of them.    I doubt if Mavis knows anyone personally, either. Anyone with common sense that read my letter knew what I was saying. Mavis has had several letters in the paper. There  isn’t one thing I can think of that was an original thought of hers. Everything she says we have heard before, and most of it is a repeat from Fox News. I watch Fox News all the time. I do it for my amusement. The people who are affixed to Fox News simply do not have a mind of their own. If you were to ask one of these two  accusers to tell you what they stand for and that’s what Trump stands for — they can’t tell you. Nobody knows what Trump stands for. I challenge them to write a letter and do this. After all, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. In my letter dated Feb. 5, 2020, I wrote “I will bet if Trump gets impeached or is voted out of the office they will have to get a court order for him to move out of the White House. I’m sure he feels he owns it.”  I predicted this over a year ago, and, look, Trump won’t acknowledge he lost the election.   Wayne Thorson was right again. So I am going to say this so everyone understands it. Just remember I never said most of the things I said I said.   But remember I said this. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.    

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea