Southwest Middle Standout Student

Published 8:00 pm Friday, May 14, 2021

Name: Thay Win

Age: 13

Parents: Tay Win and Kdue Htoo

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Where are you from: Thailand

Which elementary: Halverson

Favorite teacher of all time and why: My favorite teacher of all time is Mrs. Kloskin because she was helpful and funny when I was in sixth grade.

Favorite book/author: “Mark of the Thief” by Jennifer Nielsen

Current/past activities, volunteer work, accomplishments: I have never really done any activities, but I would like to be a lawyer or a person that builds things when I grow up. My accomplishments include getting good grades.

What advice would you give to younger students in Albert Lea: I would tell them to not to do bad things and be nice to your teacher and don’t fall behind in school. Do the things your teacher wants you to do.

Comments from teachers:

Sam Iversen (English): The best way to describe Thay is extremely kind. He greets me, visibly smiling behind his mask, each time he passes me in the hall. After class, he is always sure to wish me a good day. In the classroom, he works well with any student. He is a great teammate and encourages discussion in his group work rather than just agreeing on an answer. Thay is responsible, dependable and a huge asset to my classroom.

Robin Viktora (history): Thay is always excited and engaged in his school work. He truly enjoys learning! He is kind and respectful to everyone in the room.

Christie Ness (science): Thay Win is an extremely kind, polite and positive student. When he is in class, he works well with any of his peers and due to his friendly personality and positive attitude. He likes to challenge himself in his learning and puts in good effort and detail to his work.