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Greenfield Global signs agreement with CFS for Winnebago plant

Greenfield Global Inc., a leading producer of renewable energy solutions and a global leader in the production of high-purity specialty alcohols and solvents, announced this week it has reached an agreement with Central Farm Service (CFS) for the supply of corn to its newly acquired ethanol plant in Winnebago, a press release stated.

Greenfield acquired the Winnebago plant at the end of last year and will be ready to start the production of renewable ethanol as early as the fall of this year. The Winnebago plant has a production capacity of 48 million gallons per year which mainly serves the low-carbon fuel marketplace.

CFS has seventeen grain locations in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. The CFS grain team includes 10 grain marketing advisers who utilize specialized tools and information to help farmers formulate effective grain marketing plans. CFS offers daily market commentary, a variety of grain marketing contracts, online grain marketing and online account information.

The partnership between Greenfield and CFS also includes an offtake agreement for dried distillers grain products (DDGS) produced by Greenfield. DDGS, a co-product of the ethanol production process, are an excellent source of energy and a highly nutritious animal feed, the release stated.

CFS will begin buying corn immediately for harvest and beyond for delivery to the Greenfield plant in Winnebago. For more information, contact your local CFS grain marketing adviser or call CFS at 507-525-1576 or visit www.cfscoop.com.