Letter: Concerned about what your children are learning?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, July 30, 2021

Fox News had a fourth-grade student, along with her mother, reporting on Equity Alliance of Minnesota the Sartell Schools now have as part of their critical race theory and a section (equity audit) called identity gender.

Many of the students didn’t understand the question but were told to just check one of the listed genders. Instructions to the students: “Do not discuss the topic with parents.”

Needless to say, the parent being interviewed was concerned about the curriculum that’s being infiltrated into our public school systems.

I no longer have students in the local public school system; however, I would encourage parents to check into what our students are being taught. A call or a visit to the next school board meeting may shed some light on this subject.

Parents, if you are concerned about what your chidlren are learning, it’s time to ask questions.

Carol Bybee

Albert Lea