Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 8:50 pm Friday, August 20, 2021

To Albert Lea’s teachers.

Hats off to Albert Lea Area Schools teachers, who created a smooth transition back to school for students this week across the district.

Teachers work hard under high community expectations and not nearly enough gratitude. They serve not only as traditional teachers of academics, but as role models, confidants, mediators, mentors, life coaches and nurturers, among many other roles.

As the community embarks on a new school year, we ask parents and other residents to support teachers in their critical role in the community.

Teachers are not only the backbone of our nation’s education system, they are a guiding force in helping our children develop into healthy, happy and successful adults.

To multiple reports of gunshots fired in Albert Lea.

Albert Lea police this week responded to a handful of reports of gunshots in the community.

Police stated after one instance they found 9 mm shell casings. In a second instance, a person’s window was broken out with what appeared to be BBs.

In a third instance, multiple people reported hearing gunshots, but nothing was able to be substantiated.

We are saddened to see these reports be made and to find out that in at least two of the instances, some type of violence was substantiated.

We ask people to be vigilant about reporting sounds of gunshots. Though in some instances, there is some other explanation for the sounds, such as fireworks, it could still be helpful to police in the event it is a real emergency.

We thank police for responding to these calls and in doing what they can to keep the community safe. 

To opportunities to get out on the water in Albert Lea.

There are two free opportunities to get out on one of Albert Lea’s lakes free of charge on Saturday.

The first chance, through Albert Lea Floats, allows people to utilize kayaks and canoes for free from 10 a.m. to. 2 p.m. on Albert Lea Lake, starting at Frank Hall Park.

There will also be bounce houses and other children-friendly activities taking place, along with food vendors.

The second chance, through the Albert Lea Boathouse, allows people to use equipment to go out onto Fountain Lake.

The Boathouse is open from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Equipment is limited and must be reserved online. Cost is $5 per piece of equipment. Saturdays are free, courtesy of the Freeborn County SHIP program.

We thank those who make these opportunities available, and we hope residents take advantage of the opportunities to enjoy one of the city’s greatest resources.