Letter: America has some soul searching to do

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A recent writer in The Albert Lea Tribune chastised people who haven’t yet received the emergency-use COVID vaccine. The implication is that the unvaccinated are causing a resurgence of the pandemic. While one could debate this, what I really find astounding is the total silence coming from the far left and their cohorts in the media concerning the human tragedy at our southern border that is going on right now.

And, try as they might, the Biden administration and the media will not be able to hide it much longer. Reports are coming in from the Border Patrol, governors, mayors, civic leaders and citizens who live in these areas about child and drug trafficking along with sexual abuse to women and children. Every month since taking office, President Biden and his administration breaks their own record for people crossing the border illegally. This is happening on a scale that we cannot imagine, and nothing is being done to solve it. In their infinite wisdom, the Biden administration then ships these people, many with COVID, all over the country thereby creating the ultimate super spreader event. Why is this somehow OK, but then we can turn around and scold our own citizens for not obeying mask mandates or adhering to the failed lockdowns?

If those on the left are going to point fingers of blame at our own citizens while ignoring this 1,000-pound gorilla in the room, then their utter hypocrisy knows no bounds. If people really care about ending the pandemic, why not start by pressuring the leaders of the Democratic Party to stop the insanity at our southern border? Where is VP Kamala Harris? Was she not appointed by the president to deal with this? If so, what is the plan? Is this catastrophic outcome really part of the plan?

  With the massive failure at the border and another “Saigon moment” occurring in Afghanistan right now, the Biden administration is proving its total incompetence to lead. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you will be their multi-trillion dollar plan to completely destroy our country as we knew it with everything from The Green New Deal to taxpayer-funded abortions, higher food and energy prices and tax increases. America, we have some serious soul searching to do. Until then, we had best buckle up for a rough ride. 

Scott Bute