Letter: Season ticket prices are a great deal

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2021

It is so great to live in Albert Lea! We have a beautiful city that hosts a wide variety of activities. This September, another enjoyable community activity will continue when Albert Lea Civic Music kicks off its 75th anniversary season featuring the “Equinox All Stars.” This is the first of seven total concerts in this special anniversary season. The second concert in October features “Ball in the House.” I heard this group perform at an earlier time and they were awesome! The grand finale in May presents the original “Sons of the Pioneers,” a legendary cowboy band.

I am noticing Civic Music’s promotional flyers in many area businesses. Get a season ticket now and you will enjoy the great variety of professional musicians performing in our community from September through next May. Wow! Check out their price for the entire season! It equals what a person might pay to attend only one concert in a metro area! By the way, Civic Music offers special family and student pricing for even a better value. I have already bought my season ticket and hope to see you at the concerts!

P.S. Also don’t forget that the Albert Lea Community Theatre is back in full live performance style and are also selling their season tickets. Again, take time to enjoy all our city has to offer!

Gale Nelson

Albert Lea