Letter: What have we accomplished?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, August 20, 2021

After watching the events in Afghanistan unfold over the past several days I’m embarrassed, humiliated and downright angry.

The Taliban moved across Afghanistan with a coordinated swiftness than would have put Hitler’s blitzkrieg across Europe to shame. For the past 40 years we have portrayed the Taliban as ignorant barbarians living in the 12th century. It’s obvious they are smarter than reported as they soundly defeated Russia and America.

This debacle makes it very clear to the entire world that America’s leaders are totally inept and cannot be trusted. The best trained, equipped and most sophisticated army in the world could not defeat a bunch of barbaric terrorists living in caves. Our brave soldiers bled and died to protect America, but were betrayed by an incompetent leadership.

If our military leaders and intelligence agencies with all the assets available to them had no idea what the Taliban were planning or capable of. They should all be fired!

Over the past 75 years America has proven time and time again it is capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

There are thousands of American civilians trapped behind enemy lines. Most of our military and diplomats have left, but our leaders in all their wisdom made no provisions for evacuating civilians. We have NGO contractors, reporters, teachers, medical personal and advisers trapped and in mortal danger.

Then there are also thousands of Afghan civilians who worked with the military as advisers and translators. The Taliban will have no mercy on these people, and as soon as the last flight leaves wholesale slaughter will begin.

I see three options, none of them good or humane.

A. We can cut our losses and leave those left behind to fend for themselves. This is what Biden in all his muddled wisdom appears to be planning.

B. We can try and negotiate with the Taliban for safe passage. The price these “dumb barbarians” will extract from “the great Satan” will be untenable.

C. We could mount a limited or full-scale military actions to rescue these people; however, the Taliban will be merciless against American, and Afghan civilians will be slaughtered.

Our brilliant leaders and their incompetent advisers have painted themselves in a corner with no logical or humane escape.

This is not a political statement. Politicians of both parties are responsible for this world class catastrophe.

There is another serious issue that no one is talking about. There are up to 60,000 Afghan’s waiting to immigrate to America. The majority are young men. How many Muslim terrorists determined to wage Jihad on America will be imbedded? We will be importing the sons of the terrorists we went to Afghanistan to protect America from.

We have handed Russia, China and the radical Muslim world a fat juicy bone they could only have dreamed about six months ago. Our allies will not longer trust America.

I’m embarrassed, humiliated and very angry — you should be too.

May God have mercy on America, for Allah will not.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea