Letter: What is Trump up to now?

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Have you seen Trump’s latest threat? I couldn’t believe it. He has threatened all Republican senators and representatives that if they vote for Biden’s infrastructure bill that he wouldn’t endorse them in the next election. Now isn’t that a hoot? He probably talked some politicians into voting for that bill. What politician with any common sense at all would want his endorsement. Liz Cheney, a far-right Republican, has sewn herself in for a long run in running this country. She has put herself out there and let the people know that she will vote for what is best for the country. I would bet there will be some Democrat voters that will vote for her. She has shown her guts. Another Republican politician accused the commander of the National Guard wasn’t ready for those Trump supporters that invaded our Capitol. He says if they had been ready all that destruction and lives wouldn’t have been lost. Now let me ask you, if someone told you what happened was going to happen would you believe it? I know I wouldn’t. Trump supporters are trying to take the blame off Trump for what happened. Anyone who’s seen the tapes saw that every other person who attacked the Capitol was wearing a red hat. And there is a clip of Trump ordering his followers to go there and do what they tried to do. He said he would be there when they got there. He lied. You won’t see this tape on Fox News, but it was on several other news channels. I was honored to work in the Democrat booth at the fair last week. When I was off I walked by the booth and a dear friend of mine was working. She shouted at me that she was still bragging. She didn’t vote for Trump. So remember this. I never said most of the things I said I said. But remember I said this. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea