Letter: Biden being treated the same as Obama did

Published 8:30 pm Friday, September 24, 2021

Do you feel like we are reliving history? It seems like we listened to all this barf before. When Obama was president, if you watched Fox News then it was all doom and gloom for this country. Everything Obama did was wrong, according to those far-right Republicans. Obama has been rated now as No. 11 on the best to worst presidents this country has ever had. That means there have only been 10 presidents rated higher than him. Now we finally have a president who is doing what 70% of what the American people want. He as brought back all our troops from the Middle East. The Republicans are having a heyday talking about people still over there. They were advised early enough of what Biden was going to do. They chose to stay there. The Republicans are also making an issue out of all the big equipment that we left over there. They don’t mention the fact that those machines were disabled so they were deemed useless. The only thing they could be used for is scrap iron. President Biden says he is going to try and raise the taxes on the filthy rich and the corporations. The Republicans want you to think that they will raise the prices of all their goods because of  it. They won’t tell you how much they will raise the prices, but I will. It will be the same amount that the corporations reduced their prices when Trump gave them their big tax break. So if you know how much prices dropped when Trump did this then you can figure this out for yourself. Anyone with common sense wants the filthy rich to pay their fair share of taxes. When a multi-millionaire goes on TV and brags that his secretary paid more in taxes than he did, it should make everyone’s stomach cringe. Now I am going to say some words that you Republicans will certainly understand. Trump lost the election. Get over it. I have been accused of having a gift — that being common sense. I say it is not a gift. It is a punishment. I have to put up with everyone who doesn’t have it. No I didn’t forget. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.   

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea