Letter: Biden must be held accountable for first months

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2021

President Biden, in his recent visit to hurricane ravaged Louisiana was quoted as saying, “We will not abandon you in your hour of need.” Mr. President, considering how you abandoned American citizens and the Afghan people after surrendering to the Taliban, your words ring hollow.

Secondly, we have been constantly reminded by the president to “follow the science” when it comes to COVID-19 and climate change. So, if we are going to “follow the science,” as he maintains, how about this one? Human life begins at conception. No serious scientist denies this, especially considering the amazing technology that is available. It also happens to be the constant teaching of the Catholic Church to which the president belongs. In fact, “Catholic” Joe Biden agreed with this until just recently when he was quoted as saying he does not believe life begins at conception. Left-wing politics and focus groups, not truth, seem to be what drives his beliefs and decisions.

The president has had a frightful seven months of failure that has led to the deaths of many innocent people and has put the Taliban and the terrorists back in business. His policies on our southern border have led to total mayhem and perhaps thousands of unvetted and COVID-infected people being spread throughout our country. The prices of food, energy and everything else has skyrocketed under his watch. He and his administration must be held accountable for this.     

Scott Bute