Letter: It takes a while to undo a previous administration’s doings

Published 8:30 pm Friday, September 10, 2021

Paul Overgaard’s letter brought back memories. I still remember attending one of his talks when I was in either fifth or sixth grade at the Methodist Church. His recent column also reminds me of when President Obama inherited a not-so-good economic situation that President Bush left. For some reason, many Republicans expected him to deal with the economic crisis along with going to war with two countries instantly. More recently a Republican told me that our country was in great shape when Obama took over.  Memories are clearly short. It is unfortunate that people take great pains to criticize a president for events beyond their control. 

It takes a while to undo the previous administration’s doings — much like we’re still dealing with Reaganomics that has done much damage over the years despite some people thinking that it has saved us.

Fast forward to President Trump’s administration, where he personally lied or misled the public over 30,000 times.  He continues to state that he won the last election as opposed to the Republican leadership just admitting they lost. They are doing everything possible to divide the country with misleading and flatout lies about the elections.  Trump’s address for Trump Towers begins with 666.  Something to think about. 

The Covid situation should have never been a political issue. Trump successfully turned it into a political situation. I can assure you I’ve heard Albert Lea mentioned more times recently up here in the cities regarding Covid issues. Believe me, the comments made aren’t good. 

Overgaard mentions immigration issues. Recently I gave a 50-minute Power Point presentation to a group titled, “Immigration from a layperson’s point of view.” I’m convinced that people don’t want to listen due to their own selfish reasons. He is right about the 20% Covid rate. Yet people don’t seem to be concerned about Covid issues here in the United States. What gives?

President Biden now is dealing with Trump’s dealings.  Many of the previous presidents have for the most part graciously sidestepped criticizing people or previous presidents with the exception of Trump. He has taken the low road of calling people names along with making disparaging comments of anyone who attempts to politely correct him. This isn’t working together in my opinion.

Meanwhile, many are leveling criticism at Biden. Yes, it doesn’t make sense to leave $85 billion of equipment with the Taliban. Much like it didn’t make sense when President Reagan gave Iran a boatload of arms years ago to be used against us. Biden hasn’t said what the agreements entailed that were made by Trump. So far he’s taken the high road on that. 

I agree with Mr. Overgaard that we need to work together. However, until misleading or clearly false statements by elected officials stop, the problems will persist. I’ve learned sadly that people aren’t who they really are based on their actions and comments. All claiming to be Christians.    

Unfortunately all of this is getting worse. A country under God as well as justice and liberty for all? Clearly no.   Hope all is well with you, Mr. Overgaard! It’s been a while!

Paul Tuveson