Letter: What brought on changes at Mayo?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, September 24, 2021

Over the last years, I have written several letters to the editor. This one is about the disrespect the Mayo system has for our once fine hospital where nurses were trained, babies were born, surgeries were performed by doctors you knew here, not in another city. The million dollar red herring that now sits empty in our city is a model of the stupidity or lack of what medicine is supposed to be all about, caring for people, not the mighty buck that seems to be the Mayo system’s only concern in Med City, a city of tall buildings and signs to confuse people, as one employee said to me recently.

What brought this all on?

I recently was in the local Mayo building where I walked down a hallway where beautiful displays listed all the nurses who had been trained at the old hospital. I was informed that they had been removed as they were not part of the Mayo-trained program, so they were no longer to be displayed as such! I had a cousin and several friends’ names that were there, as well as many from Albert Lea and the surrounding area. This is how disrespecting the Mayo system is of anyone who does not wear the ugly blue uniform. And we have a Mayo employee as mayor of this city. But that is the subject for another letter to be seen soon.

Jim Jirele

Albert Lea