Letter: Let’s get younger together

Published 8:30 pm Friday, October 15, 2021

The saying, “We’re not getting any younger,” no longer applies in Albert Lea. You may have heard about the RealAge® Test — a new opportunity to turn back the clock. Are you and your body in sync? The RealAge Test is a free and easy way to find out. You get a RealAge result that reflects your body’s age based on more than 100 factors. (The test takes about 10 minutes.)

You can make a difference in our community whether you take the RealAge Test for the first time or take it again for updated results. People who have never taken the RealAge Test will receive a baseline from which to begin improving their health and well-being. Those who have already taken the RealAge Test will discover how their actions have made an impact on their health and well-being.

The RealAge Test has helped our community track aggregate well-being changes over time. With a clear understanding of our wellbeing, Blue Zones Project can help us target areas of greatest need with proven interventions. As individuals complete the RealAge test, our community becomes equipped to make smarter decisions that benefit all of us.

The RealAge Test is personal — but your participation can have a positive influence on your friends, family and others in the community, too. It’s another growth opportunity for Albert Lea as part of Blue Zones Project®, helping people live longer, better lives by improving their surroundings.

To take the RealAge Test go to bzpalbertlea.sharecare.com or visit the Blue Zones Project Albert Lea Website or Facebook page.

Let’s lead the way to a community that’s healthier, happier and younger than our years.

Ellen Kehr

organization lead

Blue Zones Project Albert Lea