Paving on Bridge Avenue slated for early in the week

Published 8:52 pm Friday, November 5, 2021

Paving on Bridge Avenue is expected to take place Monday and Tuesday as the weather is looking favorable, according to the Freeborn County highway engineer.

Phil Wacholz said after paving, the following work needs to be completed:

  • Painting of traffic marks
  • Boulevard grading and landscaping
  • Concrete driveway approaches
  • Hammer Road signals installation
  • General cleanup and other miscellaneous items

He said he is working on ways to open the road intermittently or on an interim basis so traffic can start getting back to normal prior to all work being completed and will announce this when it is available.

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In addition, the Marshall Street intersection is now open to traffic again. The intersection had been closed to add an additional manhole and a short section of sanitary sewer line to connect to an existing sewer line.

Other work completed this week included concrete curb and gutter and pedestrian ramp installation between Hammer Road and Glenview Road, traffic signal installation at Hammer Road and final grading in preparation for placement of the bituminous surface.

The following is an update on other projects:

Water tower demolition and replacement

Crews continued work on the demolition of the existing tower off of Newton Avenue, and the contractor hopes to finish removing the tower next week, according to an update from the city.

The contractor for the new tower will begin site preparation and removal of the parking lot in preparation for the installation of the foundation as soon as the demolition contractor is finished.

Blazing Star Trail rehabilitation

This week the contractor installed the pedestrian ramp at the east end of the project and completed the paint striping, the city update stated. The only work remaining is minor punch list items.

Former Godfather’s Pizza building demolition

The asbestos removal subcontractor completed asbestos mitigation this week, and the contractor is expected to begin demolition of the building next week.