Paid political letter to the editor: Don’t support Munson in race for CD1 seat

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Don’t fall for the ruse that is Jeremy Munson. Jeremy, despite his claims of being a conservative who gets things done, is one of the most ineffective legislators in the state who’s even voted against bills that would have allocated funds to his own district for locally needed projects. Jeremy talks a big game, but when it comes to working for serious legislation that actually has a chance of seeing the light of day, Jeremy would rather spend his time talking about giving half of the district he’s running in away to another state.

Jeremy doesn’t work well with his peers, either. Jeremy actually broke off to join a separate Republican caucus with a whopping four people due to his inability and lack of interest in working with other legislators to deliver results for Minnesota. This behavior was also on display at the recent CD 1 Convention in Mankato. Once it was clear to Jeremy that he wasn’t going to win the GOP endorsement, he got into a verbal fight with the chair of the convention and offered to pay for more time to ensure the convention was gridlocked and to keep people there past midnight in an effort to stall so he would eventually win because nobody else would be left to vote against him.

Jeremy’s hypocrisy also runs deep. While Jeremy complains about “dark money” funding elections, and complains about other candidates being supported by outside groups, Jeremy has on TV this very second almost $1 million worth of TV ads that are being paid for by an extreme D.C.-based group that wants to buy this seat, and is using Jeremy to do it.

Jeremy Munson is not what he seems, as anybody who’s ever had to work with him will tell you. He spends his time attacking others fighting for the same beliefs, rather than working with them. He proposes joke legislation over anything serious. He is not who southern Minnesotans deserve. See Jeremy for who he truly is, and vote for a different Republican on May 24.

Emma Palmer

Albert Lea