Paid letter to the editor: Ettinger gives balanced, pragmatic approach

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2022

I encourage citizens of Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District to vote for Jeff Ettinger in the special election to fill the seat vacated by the death of Jim Hagedorn. Early voting opened June 24, and the election is held coincident with the primaries on Aug. 9.

Jeff has a combination of qualities that make him a perfect representative for CD1, a district with sentiments that align with elements of both the DFL and GOP platforms. He was CEO of Hormel, a company with strong ties to agricultural. As CEO, he emphasized the importance of sustainable and humane practices. His good relationship with labor resulted in his characterization as a “decent guy” by union leadership; 3,600 jobs were created. Education and job training is one of his highest priorities — he recognizes the need for close ties between education and business to ensure that we have the skills need for businesses and workers to succeed. Education has also been one of his focuses in his philanthropic work, providing scholarships to numerous first-generation college students.

He has repeatedly demonstrated through his work as CEO, his philanthropic leadership and his public service as co-chair of the Minnesota Council on Economic Expansion, an innovative approach to addressing problems, working effectively across broad coalitions of stakeholders.

Southern Minnesota needs a congressman who is committed to working to meet the needs of all his constituents. With his balanced, pragmatic approach, Jeff Ettinger is this person. I encourage you to vote for him.

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April Horne