Paid political letter: Strom has what it takes to be a successful sheriff

Published 8:30 pm Friday, July 29, 2022

To the residents of Freeborn County,

As a longtime resident of Freeborn County, I have seen many sheriffs and sheriff candidates in my time living in the county. Jeff Strom is the first candidate who I have felt strong enough about to write a letter and publicly support. I have had the pleasure to have many opportunities to go on ride-alongs with him while he was on duty for the Albert Lea Police Department and have firsthand experience what would make Jeff an excellent sheriff for Freeborn County.

First and foremost is the respect he gives and gets from everyone he interacts with. This respect starts with his interactions with his colleagues in the PD and SO but more importantly is the respect shown to the citizens he interacts with. This respect has been the same regardless of the individual’s history with Jeff or the law. Jeff’s extensive knowledge of the law allows him to prioritize resources to best serve the community.

Jeff’s commitment to teamwork and professional development will make the Sheriff’s Office successful and keep the citizens of Freeborn County safe while also collaborating with the PD to most efficiently use their resources. Jeff’s work ethic and desire to educate will prove invaluable for the county deputies while helping in their career advancement and onboarding new ones into the Sheriff’s Office.

Jeff has the right blend of knowledge, leadership, compassion and work ethic to be a successful sheriff for Freeborn County. I am honored to stand behind him and urge the citizens of Freeborn County to vote for him in the Aug. 9 primary.

Steve Ball

Albert Lea