Paid political letter: Vote for people who will work for the area

Published 8:30 pm Friday, July 29, 2022

Minnesotans value good infrastructure and quality education. Our kids and young families have been through a lot in the past couple years as our state grappled with protecting people’s lives and keeping our medical resources from being overwhelmed during the pandemic.

The silver lining in this hardship is that the state has a large budget surplus, and Democrats want to use part of that money to provide more mental health resources to schools and invest in our vital transportation infrastructure. The regular legislative session ended without budget and bonding deals. The Republican-led state Senate is walking away from these proposed plans because our Republican leaders want more permanent tax cuts that would mainly benefit the wealthiest Minnesotans. If they don’t come back for a special session, they are potentially leaving up to $7.3 billion in federal matching funds for roads, bridges and transit on the table. Other states are already putting money from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to work. Republicans are holding up projects that benefit everyone because they aren’t getting what they want for the privileged few. Democrats invest in everyone, and that is what makes our state a great place to live. 

Please vote for people who will work for our area and make sure we get the funding and services we need. 

Nancy Rosenberg

Albert Lea