Letter: Accusations about pro-life supporters are not accurate

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 9, 2022

If I may, I would like to address a very common accusation made against people who support the pro-life position. We are often accused by the left and their cohorts in the media of being “pro-birth” but after the baby is born we oppose any help to the mothers or the child she gave birth to. This is a lie. I have been involved with the pro-life movement for over 40 years, and I have yet to meet anyone who thought that way. In fact, it is people of strong faith and good will who are on the front lines supporting mother’s, babies and families who face crisis pregnancies. This is evidenced by their support of over 2,300 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States. These are wonderful places that affirm life and accompany the mother before, during and after the birth of her baby. Locally, Options in Mankato and Birthright are two great examples of the loving care provided to these mothers in difficult situations. Sadly, many of these crisis pregnancy centers are under attack by radicals on the left who seek to intimidate them into closing following the overturning of Roe vs. Wade by the Supreme Court. 

Rachel’s Vineyard is a national organization that provides retreats for women and men who have been hurt by abortions. They provide a place which is safe and confidential and offers hope and healing from the devastation that abortion causes to not only the baby but the mothers and fathers as well. Silent No More is another organization comprised of women who have had abortions and suffered the consequences of the big lie that having an abortion would take care of all of their problems. Abortion never solves a problem, it just creates more problems and real regret and pain. 

I was recently confronted and told that you cannot be for legal gun ownership and call yourself pro-life, or that if you don’t vote for Democrats, you don’t care about the poor. I have met many Democrats who own firearms and do not support abortion on demand. The radicals on the far left do not speak for them! I also believe that some of the most charitable persons I know are those who peacefully pray in front of abortion clinics, volunteer at food shelves, soup kitchens and give of their time, talent and treasure to their local church. Many of them are, in fact, even Republicans! (Gasp!) 

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So please spare us the euphemisms and the left-wing talking points when you are trashing people for opposing abortion and not caring about the mother or child in the aftermath. We have heard it all before, and it only serves to strengthen our resolve to end this evil once and for all.      

Scott Bute