Paid political letter: Dornink is a man of integrity, cares for constituents

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2022

This letter is in support of our current Sen. Gene Dornink. 

Gene is the opposite of a stereotypical politician. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet and interact with him yet, you should add it to your bucket list. Spend just a few minutes with him and you’ll witness that he’s humble, genuine and a man of integrity. Some have mistakenly called Gene a career politician, but he comes from a carpentry background, and is only a year and half into his first term.

Running for office was outside of Gene’s comfort zone. It had nothing to do with advancing his own ego or own interests. Rather, he saw a need for a change in our Senate seat, didn’t see anyone else stepping up and so he decided to take action, himself. I have so much respect for that and his story was actually influential in my own decision to run for school board. If Gene could do it, I could do it. (And probably so could you.) In my opinion, society needs more people running for office who are doing so out of a motivation for service. Sen. Gene Dornink epitomizes this.

Also, it’s worth noting that Gene cares so much about the people he currently represents that, after the redistricting lines put his former home a mile and a half outside of the new Senate District 23, he was willing to up and move in order to stick with us. (And, yes, despite what dirty campaigning is trying to push, he does live in our new district.) Gene Dornink is committed to us, he’s one of us, he is here to listen and serve, and I encourage you to cast your vote for him in Tuesday’s primary election.

Angie Hoffman

Albert Lea