Paid political letter: Dornink is effective across party lines

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2022

I invite you to join me in voting for Sen. Gene Dornink. Sen. Dornink is a man of integrity. He is honest and transparent. He is a servant to our people and District 23. Sen. Dornink is an open book. If you have a question, ask him. He will answer you truthfully. He is intelligent, humble, dedicated, trustworthy, transparent and honest. What more could we want in our senator?

Sen. Dornink has fought for our seniors by standing strong for additional nursing home funding to address the emergency staffing shortage in long-term care. He also voted against the Minnesota Social Security tax, so our seniors could keep more of their hard-earned dollars. He will continue to fight for seniors.

Sen. Dornink has fought for the safety of our communities by standing strong for funding and resources for our underfunded and understaffed law enforcement departments in Minnesota. He pushed through a bill to reopen our Department of Motor Vehicle testing services in southern Minnesota after they had been closed down. In addition, Sen. Dornink authored and got passed the Hometown Heroes Act. He also authored and got passed a bill to ensure parents’ rights to address their local school boards in a time when parents’ voices need to be heard.

Sen. Dornink accomplished all this and more in just one term. He is a proven leader, and is effective and popular across party lines as is evidenced by his widespread endorsements. He will continue to fight for us. Let’s return Sen. Dornink to St. Paul for another term!

Jill Marin

Albert Lea