Paid political letter: Hinnenkamp will listen carefully, work together

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Another election season is upon us. Our democracy gives us the opportunity to vote for candidates who reflect our values and experience to represent us in developing our states, our country’s policies and laws. The large number of candidates we see on our District 1 primary ballot alone reflects the diversity of values and beliefs just in our southern Minnesota. It is no wonder that state and federal Congresses find themselves in stalemates, resulting in little getting done. We need our representatives to be able to listen, debate, negotiate and work together. That is one of the reasons I believe Mary Hinnenkamp is the best candidate for our newly formed Minnesota House of Representatives District 23A seat.

I have seen Mary in action when I worked as a substitute teacher at the Albert Lea Area Learning Center. The student body was very diverse — students landed at the ALC for a variety of reasons. Mary took time getting to know each student. I was impressed by the empathy and encouragement she showed all her students. She was able to negotiate all kinds of conflicts with students, parents and staff in a respectful manner. When I see her history of working with Volunteers in Service to America and staffing at-risk students in group homes in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., I understand how she gained her abilities. Mary has seen firsthand the struggles that people deal with. I am confident that Mary is a wise woman who will always listen and carefully study the issues, working together, looking for solutions that will benefit the quality of life for all people.

Jodi Bromeland

Albert Lea