Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 8:50 pm Friday, September 16, 2022

To the demolition of 324 and 332 S. Broadway.

If we could give a sideways thumb that indicated both a thumbs up and a thumbs down, this would be the perfect situation to do so. 

Crews on Tuesday began the demolition of 324 and 332 S. Broadway, which had fallen into disrepair in recent years. 

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One of the structures started collapsing into the alleyway at the end of June, and the buildings were a public safety risk. 

While we agree that the buildings needed to come down because of their state — and are glad that there will no longer be a threat to the public — we can’t help but be a little sad, too, to see part of the city’s history come down with it. 

We look forward to seeing what will be done with the space and how that can potentially improve the area. 

To the Homecoming spirit in Albert Lea this week.

It has been a fun week to be in Albert Lea this week as people and businesses have come out to showcase their Tiger pride for Homecoming week. 

Whether it was social media posts of families showing their children dressed up for Homecoming special dress-up days, businesses stepping up to decorate their windows in support of Albert Lea sports teams and school spirit, or the Homecoming parade that took place on Friday, we felt the community unify behind this celebration. 

We hope students, coaches and teachers have felt the support of the community, and we hope it has also been a fun time for the students in the district.

To the celebration Friday for Mexican Independence Day.

We were happy to see a new celebration on Friday organized by the Albert Lea Convention and Visitors Bureau, Albert Lea Parks and Rec, the Albert Lea Main Street program and Albert Lea Select Foods for Mexican Independence Day at Central Park. 

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated every year on Sept. 16 to commemorate the country’s freedom from centuries of Spanish rule. 

The celebration was expected to include food, a parade, children’s bingo and music. 

We thank the organizers for planning events to include more of the city’s residents and hope it was a success. 

We are also pleased to see more being done at Central Park, and we hope additional events will be done there in the future.