Editorial: Tribune Thumbs: What gets a thumbs up or thumbs down this week?

Published 8:50 pm Friday, September 23, 2022

To the onset of fall.

We know some may disagree, but it has been nice to see the onset of fall in the last few weeks. 

Whether it’s the leaves beginning to change colors, the temperatures cooling down a little, pumpkins showing up everyhwere or Friday night football, it’s clear fall is here. 

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We encourage everybody to take advantage of the beautiful weather, finish up your outdoor projects before the weather gets even colder and get out and see the leaves once they start turning more. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a website called the Fall Color Finder, where people can go and see how far along the leaves are throughout the state. Check it out at https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fall_colors/index.html. 

To the announcement that $25 million in funding through the USDA will be coming to Freeborn County for high-speed internet.

We were pleased to hear this week that the United States Department of Agriculture is awarding $502 million toward high-speed internet projects across the country, including $25.11 million through Winnebago Cooperative Telephone Association to deploy a fiber-to-the-home network in Freeborn County. 

According to the USDA, the project will connect almost 3,600 people, 80 businesses and almost 460 farms to high-speed internet. 

Good, quality internet has become critical these days, and we are glad to see more in the county have access to this resource. 

We hope additional funding will come our way to make affordable, reliable high-speed internet a reality for all. 

To the service of jurors.

Though many might roll their eyes when they see a letter arrive in the mail telling them they need to report for jury service, the reality is that jurors play an important role in cases. 

We appreciate those who take this reponsibility seriously. Jurors are essentially asked to listen to evidence presented, decide the facts in the case and make a decision on whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty based on the information presented and the law given to them by the judge presiding on the case. 

We saw this play out the last few weeks in the case of Albert Lean Devin Weiland, who was charged with shooting three people during an eight-hour standoff at Shady Oaks apartments. 

The people selected for the jury had sat through about a full week of jury selection and another full week in the actual trial before it was their duty to deliberate and come to a decision. We recognize the sacrifice they made from their own lives, be it through family or work responsibilities, and thank them for their service.