Letter: Fight for your daughter’s future! 

Published 8:00 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Today’s radical liberal feminists need to talk to their grandmothers, who in the ’60s fought for the rights of women to receive equal opportunities in the world of  competitive sports. 

In the ’40s and ’50s, when I was young, there were almost no competitive sports for girls. Young females were considered too delicate, physically and emotionally, to deal with the rigors of competitive sports. 

Beginning in the late 1800s small groups of women began to challenge this  stereotype. They were treated as outcasts and ridiculed. In the ’60s women fought for equal rights in women’s spots. They were considered radicals. Against all odds they succeeded, and in 1972 Congress passed Title IX, giving girls and women some level of parity with boys and men in high school and college sports.  

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However, the current group of radial feminists indoctrinated in our universities believe the LGBTQ community deserves full inclusion into today’s society and are hellbent on destroying the efforts that gained them equal rights in sports.

They believe transgender males have the right to compete as females in women’s sports, shower with women and use the women’s restrooms.  

At conception you are either male or female. You may feel God made a mistake, but no amount of hormone treatment or surgery will change your DNA. You have  the right to dress, alter your body and pretend you are something else, but your DNA does not change.   

Most males are bigger, stronger and faster than females. No amount of training will ever overcome that reality.  

Allowing transgender males to compete in women’s sports, will condemn women to the status of second class athletes and expose them to sexual assault in ares  that should be safe and off limits to boys and men. 

Why should a female high school athlete push herself to the limits in hopes of  receiving a college scholarship or becoming an Olympian when she knows she  will be competing against transgender males with little or no chance of achieving  her dreams? It’s too easy for an aspiring male athlete, who cannot make the  boys teams, to receive hormone shots and be allowed to compete against the  girls.  

Sexual orientation should not be taught schools. It is not teaching, its grooming! 

It should be criminally illegal for the medical community to provide gender  altering drugs or surgeries to anyone under the age of eighteen. Any parent who  allows their child to receive such radical treatments should be charged with child  abuse.  

No altered male should be allowed to participate in any women’s sports! Perhaps this is harsh and discriminatory, but we cannot allow the flea on the end of a dog’s tail to control the entire dog. Democrats are so hellbent on yielding to minorities that they are destroying the rights of the majority. 

The “Equity Act” that Congressional Democrats are pushing will alter Title IX to  mandate transsexuals be allowed to participate in woman’s sports.  

Every parent should stand up and fight for their daughters.

Don Sorensen 

Albert Lea