Paid political letter to the editor: Sherri cares; Sherri for 4th Ward

Published 8:30 pm Friday, September 23, 2022

We are friends of Sherri Rasmussen, who are coming together to ask you to vote for a person whose integrity, compassion and wisdom will best serve the 4th Ward and the city of Albert Lea. We say this because we have known Sherri since we were children. 

With Sherri, Albert Lea will have a strong and dedicated public servant. We have known her for years and have always witnessed her ability to listen and work well with others because she is smart, friendly and kind. We need these qualities in a city councilor.

Sherri wants to make Albert Lea better for everyone. And we mean everyone because Sherri will be the most inclusive and caring council member this city has ever seen. Sherri will advocate for everyone — for every background. Sherri will stand up for you, for Albert Lea.

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If you believe the city council needs to transform to improve lives and help Albert Lea reach its potential, Sherri is your candidate. Sherri will inspire and energize this community to do more for people. She has always inspired us with her courage and grit. 

The people of the 4th Ward will know a representative who will go above and beyond to help them. 

This letter is supported by :

Linda Roberts Mestnik

Charlotte Olson

Martha Jones Sichko

Theresa Stapleton-Braget

Deb (Ost) Durand

Jodie Hofkamp

It’s time for a change; It’s time for Sherri.

Thank you,


Kim Flaa

Albert Lea