DIY: Succulent planter

Published 11:41 am Thursday, April 27, 2023

What you will need:

2- or 3-inch succulents (number depends on size of pot and design)

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Decorative stones (1 to 3 different types)

Miniature flower pot, bucket or teapot

Potting soil mix for succulents or indoor potting soil mixed with perlite

Round pot at least 12 inches in diameter

Water bottle




Fill pot with soil and mix with perlite. The perlite helps with drainage, which is critical for succulents. Soil should be about one inch from the top of the pot.


Put the small flower pot, bucket or teapot into the dirt — half under the surface and the other half showing on top. Using a spoon, dig out small holes for the succulents.


Loosen the roots of the succulents, reduce the amount of dirt attached to each plant and then take pieces of the succulent and put in each of the holes. Cover roots with dirt.


Repeat until you have planted all of the succulents you choose into a bouquet shape coming out of the small pot.


Sprinkle out smaller rocks around the succulents on the top portion of the bouquet. Use enough rocks to cover the dirt underneath.


Use a second type of rocks for the bottom portion of the planter around the flower pot. Using a spray bottle, spray water over the tops of the succulents. Water weekly using the same method.

— Tammy Fink is the owner of The Hive at 136 S. Broadway in Albert Lea. She enjoys creating and likes to help others create in her business downtown.