Updates from Upperclassmen: Grateful for the community support

Published 8:00 pm Friday, September 22, 2023

Updates from Upper Classmen by Erin Boorsma

Erin Boorsma

Some of my earliest memories of homecoming were the dress-up days we had in elementary school. I remember wearing my hair in funky pigtails and crazy socks, always doing the absolute most for Wacky Wednesday or finding every piece of red and blue clothes I owned for Cherry and Blue. This has always been one of my favorite parts of homecoming, and I think it’s great something as simple as a spirit week is made into a community wide week of fun. I love that all of our schools participate in dress-up days throughout, and everyone comes together on Friday and goes to the game under the lights. Now sadly this year, the last part of that sentence wasn’t able to be true, but we really tried to make this week still just as fun-packed and with new events that we were able to come together for. This week we’ve had volleyball, girls soccer, tennis and cross country all competing at home on Tuesday; on Thursday, girls soccer was at home again; on Friday, we had the parade at 4 p.m., a boys’ volleyball game at 6 p.m. and a powderpuff game at 7 p.m. Finally to end off the week, we have the football game on Saturday at 2 p.m. this year, and we are so excited even if it isn’t what we are used to. What makes these events all the better is having people in the stands cheering us on, so thank you for showing up for our students no matter what.

Beyond just community events, our students have had a few more events including dress-up days throughout the week, coronation and the dance this Saturday. Dress-up days at the high school this week were Pajama Day, Barbie vs. Ken, Class Color, 2000s and finally Cherry and Blue. It’s been great to see the participation in all of these days and seeing people’s creativity shine through. Like I mentioned earlier this is one of my favorite parts of homecoming. These are the types of things I’ll personally remember after we leave the school. The dance is also a super fun event to just be around peers.

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The ALHS student body is so grateful for so many people who make all of these events happen. We have a principal who says yes to our ideas!

Thank you Mr. Dibble! We have an AD who is ready to help us out, especially when we need someone to come in clutch! Thank you Mr. Langerud! We have an admin team and secretaries who help us have safe and fun experiences! Thank you admin! We have teachers and staff who like to play and dress up and celebrate along with us! Thank you teachers! We have awesome sports, clubs and activities who add so much to our week! Thank you students! Thank you student council, band, clubs, athletes, coaches, Tiger Vision staff, Link Crew and everyone else who makes this week entertaining and fun! We have custodians and hall monitors who help us decorate, clean up and keep everyone where they need to be! Thank you! We have fantastic parents who chaperone, drive us around and pay for our hoco gear! Thank you parents! We have Holly Babcock, the ALPD and businesses in town that help us make the parade happen and turn our town into Tiger Territory. Thank you! We have Dominoes who will serve us over 50 pizzas for our homecoming dance! Thanks Dominoes! We have people who have donated dresses for our students to wear to the dance! Thank you! We have an awesome community that helps us recognize and celebrate how great of a town Albert Lea really is. Thank you for showing Tiger Pride! And we have so many other people who help us make this a memorable, safe time! We hope to see you tomorrow at the game at 2 p.m.!

Erin Boorsma is a senior at Albert Lea High School.