Updates from Upperclassmen: It’s powerful to unify behind student teams

Published 8:00 pm Friday, September 29, 2023

Updates from Upperclassmen by Erin Boorsma

This year I’ve gotten the privilege of running the Student Section Instagram account, and I love being able to encourage students to participate and support their peers by cheering them on. It’s powerful to feel connected within the student body, and our energy extends out to other fans watching, even affecting those playing. To be united cheering for a common goal has a lot of weight to it and can be the difference between a win or loss. This year we’ve already had some great student sections at our games and we’ve brought home a few noteworthy wins this fall season.

Erin Boorsma

To start off the season, girls soccer got a win at home right off the bat and have gotten a few since then. Tennis won their match at home Tuesday the 19th, and it happened to be their senior night as well. I am a swimmer, and we got our own win at home Sept. 12 against TCU. For us it was great being able to give it our all and see it pay off. We had girls swimming new events to fill all of them, and it was super fun to have them trying new things. I love being in swimming because across the board, I’ve always observed such great sportsmanship between teams. This stays true no matter the win or the loss, and it’s really great to see all the cheering for each and every girl as they finish. For swimming we tend to not have a very big student section, but we do have a few loyal fans that come to every meet, and it’s great to see these peers supporting us. After this winning meet, our coach promised that we could push her in so we waited till after the other team left and pushed her in with all her clothes on.

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Then some of our students in the crowd came down and raced some of our girls and we all had a blast. These sort of wins are always great to be a part of and really make the high school experience all the better.

Another one of the wins I want to highlight today is the first home volleyball game that happened on Sept. 5. This game is hard to describe because you truly had to be there, but I will try my best. The theme for this first game was Hawaiian and the energy started off high as the student section anticipated the game to start. They started off doing pretty well against Red Wing, and the energy continued with loud cheering and excitement as our team was working well together on the court. We ended up winning the first game and we were excited for our volleyball girls, feeling a sense of connection with them and our peers in the student section. The second game started and right off the bat the score was going back and forth between the two teams and it was extremely close. When it got up to the 25 points that should make it game, it was only one away so they continued. They kept tying and/or they would be only one point above the other until we finally won with the final score being 37-35. This was an ecstatic moment not only for the girls on the court who were putting in their all in to win, but even for all of us watching, it felt truly euphoric. They went into the last game feeling good after that last one and they kept the winning streak going and won the whole match and we were all so excited for them in those moments. We even got complimented by our new athletic director saying we are one of the best student bodies he’s seen. It is moments like these where I am truly grateful to be a Tiger.

This is what we want for all of our games no matter the win or loss. For our football games, what makes them so fun is just being around peers all dressed up in whatever the theme entails and cheering TOGETHER. It truly is great to see the support and participation in school events and I am grateful for everyone playing and everyone in the stands cheering.