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September 7, 2023
For Immediate Release
Purchased by Freeborn County

New assistive marking devices will be in place for the November 7, 2023 Alden-Conger School District Special Election and in all precincts in Freeborn County in the 2024 Election Year.
The federal government requires devices that meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements including the ES&S ExpressVote – purchased by Freeborn County – to be located in polling places with more than 500 registered voters during township elections, and all polling places during state and federal elections.
Universal Voting System
• The ExpressVote is a modern, fully-auditable paper-based voting system that is ADA-compliant ballot marking device compatible with our current election equipment. It allows those with disabilities to mark their ballot unassisted. The device has options for keypad, braille, and voice assistance to direct them throughout the process. Contrast, zoom and volume can all be adjusted to make text more readable.
• The system ensures that the voter doesn’t choose more candidates per race than permitted, that the ballot is legible, and in primary races, that they vote only within their selected party. Voters can use the keypad or touch screen to add write-in candidates.
• The ExpressVote is a reliable, secure, and efficient system for election officials and their staff, poll workers and voters. The paper-based ExpressVote combines touch-screen voting technology with an integrated thermal printer to produce a paper record for tabulation.
• ADA-Friendly
o Audio-tactile keypad enables voters to control audio and navigate the ballot. The front access panel features a headphone jack and a port for a sip-and-puff device or two-position rocker switch.
• Easier-to-Read Ballots
o Visual aids include high contrast and zoom functionality.
• Avoids Overvoting
o The intuitive interface also alerts voters of ballot exceptions, like undervotes.
• Simple Activation
o The voter inserts a card to activate the voting session. After voting is complete, the vote summary card is dispensed for voter review.
The machines will be available for public display weekdays from Thursday, September 7, 2023 to Monday, November 6, 2023 at the Freeborn County Government Center, 411 Broadway Avenue South, Albert Lea.

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Albert Lea Tribune:
Sept. 20, 2023