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Progress 2011: Teen Troopers

Published 11:00am Friday, March 11, 2011

Local teens who juggle multiple jobs, school and fun

Hero: Sergio Salgado

Secret Identity: server at Perkins and works at the customer service counter at Nelson’s Market Place

Base of operations: Albert Lea

Sergio Salgado

Superpowers: positive attitude, and ability to make people laugh

Kryptonite: When he’s not feeling well or customers are rude, it’s harder for him to do his job duties.

Affiliations: Mom, Maria; Dad, Samuel; brother, Samuel; sister, Sonia

Origin: Salgado is a junior in high school. He needed two jobs to help pay for the cost of going on a trip with the Albert Lea High School choir.

“I come from a not-so-fortunate family so I didn’t feel right leaving the burden on my parents,” Salgado said.

He said having two jobs will help him become more responsible. He started at Nelson’s Market Place more than a year ago as a bagger and cashier, and now he’s the youngest worker at the service counter.

At Perkins he’s a waiter, which he says he loves. He said he likes that it’s fast-paced work. Salgado said he was nervous about getting another job because he didn’t know if he would be able to handle it at first, but now he said the only thing he doesn’t like is having to make sacrifices. He misses time with his family and friends. Salgado also said he has learned stress management working at two places that are fast-paced. He said he likes working and considers himself a workaholic. When people ask him why he works so much he says it’s all for the choir trip and his family.

Hero: Alexa McCune

Secret Identity: certified nursing assistant at Good Samaritan Society, server at Perkins and a tutor at Albert Lea High School

Alexa McCune

Base of operations: Albert Lea

Superpowers: She’s outgoing, responsible and a hard worker.

Kryptonite: She can get stressed while at her jobs or when co-workers aren’t easy to get along with.

Affiliations: mom, Rochelle; brothers Peyton and Cooper

Origin: McCune is a senior at ALHS. She started at Good Samaritan Society when she was 16. She said she wants to work in the medical field and being a CNA is a good start. She got her job at Perkins because she was curious to see what being a server was like and she’s sociable. Tutoring is another way McCune spends her time because she likes helping others.

“I like working because I like being busy and being able to pay for my own things,” McCune said.

She said working these jobs has made her more independent, and money she earns will help pay for the ALHS choir trip. She said the one downside to working so much is that she often works holidays and misses out on family time.

Hero: Karizma Hamberg

Secret Identity: co-worker at Wendy’s and regular babysitter

Base of operations: Albert Lea

Karizma Hamberg

Superpowers: organization and time management

Kryptonite: working through rush times at Wendy’s, or getting sick because then she can’t work

Affiliations: mom, Debbie; dad, Larry

Origin: Karizma is a senior at Albert Lea High School. She started working at Country Inn & Suites when she needed a summer job, and then also worked at Wendy’s to get more hours. Currently she works at Wendy’s and regularly babysits her neighbor’s child and dog. She said she likes working at Wendy’s because she knows all the people who work there and gets along with them. She said it makes her job more fun to get along with the co-workers. Karizma also said there’s not much she doesn’t like about working.