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Live United: There are many opportunities for giving this holiday season

It’s  time for me to share the holiday lineup. First off, is our second annual holiday lights contest. ...

Arts & Culture

Stage Right: Musical is a Christmas story for everyone

A Christmas tree in a lower corner of the stage signals that we’re gathering for a celebration. The ...


My Point of View: Federal infrastructure bill will help rural America

Democrats have already passed one infrastructure bill that would send $6.8 billion to Minnesota, including $100 million for ...


Ask a Trooper: Don’t use car’s high-beams to compensate

Question: I have a question about headlights. It seems that drivers are using their high-beams to compensate for ...


Guest Column: How bipartisan infrastructure bill will benefit Minnesota’s rural communities

In my travels across our state I often hear from people about the need to improve our infrastructure ...


Live United: Think about what you can do to give back to United Way

This summer, my daughter started as an altar server. My children are two years apart, but only a ...


Guest Column: We are in the annual season of giving

‘Tis the season of giving, which I find to be one of the most inspirational times of year. ...


My Point of View: Thankful this Thanksgiving  for a fighter in Congress

Despite all the kindness going around this time of year, the holiday season is already being incredibly unkind ...


April Jeppson: Time to start taking care of myself better

Yesterday I went to my fourth doctor’s appointment within seven days. As I recently turned 40, I couldn’t ...


Live United: Sometimes it’s helpful to point out the elephant in the room

Conversations centered around human service and programming can be hard. Many of us live and breathe the organizations ...


Ask a Trooper: Good tires important for safe winter driving

Question:  How do you determine if your tires are unsafe for winter driving?


Guest Column: Library is expanding its collection offerings

One of the Albert Lea Public Library’s objectives in our current strategic plan is to investigate alternative collection ...


My Point of View: This Democrat’s beliefs

I believe President Harry Truman summarized Democrats’ beliefs best: “Democrats work to help people who need help. That ...


Senate Report: Never forget to say thank you to military

This week, we recognized our nation’s veterans and the sacrifice they’ve made for our country. I had the ...


Live United: Spread warmth and kindness throughout the community

She came in just as it was starting to snow with a toddler perched on her hip. She ...

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