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Al Batt: Thinking of dead nettle while shopping the tall shelves

It might have been the best day in the history of the world.


Guest column: Social media may be fun, but for the facts, we still need newspapers

My love-hate relationship with social media stems mainly from the fact that I am a journalist who believes ...


Sarah Stultz: Don’t underestimate power of a smile, wave 

This week on social media I came across a photo of a familiar man waving from the side ...


Guest column: Mental illnesses, discrimination and support

Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) is Oct. 3-8. It’s a time to raise awareness of mental illnesses, fight ...


My Point of View: Republican Party always protects costs of the wealthy

Politics is not entertainment; it’s your life chances on the line.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Celebration needed because of passage of Inflation Reduction Act

The fact Americans are not celebrating in the streets over the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law in ...


Pen to paper

Letters to the Editor

Paid political letter: Support Schindler for school board 

On Nov. 8, I will be voting for Gary Schindler, as he is one of the best candidates ...

Editorial --FEATURE SPOT

Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To the announcement of a new legacy program in Albert Lea. A group of more than 50 residents ...


Editorial Roundup: Cameras in courtrooms critical for transparency

The apex of the unraveling of civil society could come one day with the courts, given the injustice ...


Stage left: Small-scale comedy with big heart

You’ll recognize here a typical Midwestern family. The stakes are just as domestic and familiar as those of ...


Live United: Businesses stepping up to support the United Way

I always knew this fact, but I’ve been seeing it illustrated loud and clear in the past week. ...


April Jeppson: Always share your feelings about others

I attended a funeral this week. Sadly as I get older, this seems to happen more frequently. I ...

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Column needed no apology

It seems that the truth hurts some people when they write in this newspaper wanting an apology for ...

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Where’s the leadership? 

I am frustrated! President Trump appears to be a one-man cheering squad for the new crop of Republican ...

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