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Editorial: We all must be aware on Minnesota roads

You will rarely find a more dedicated or passionate group of riders on American roads than motorcyclists. Throughout ...


My Point of View: Access to abortion makes it safer to go through pregnancy

One thing I remember about my grandmother is her perception that husbands used to be able to cheat ...


Al Batt: I love cashiers and those little checkout dividers

My right sock was on its last leg.


Sarah Stultz: The mystery of the missing picnic table

Nose for News by Sarah Stultz Toward the end of last week, we realized that the custom-made picnic ...


Letter: Biden has had many failures

Our current incumbent president just gets worse. He already has failed to cut current domestic spending and costly ...


Letter: 5 reasons to talk about mental health

To reduce the stigma surrounding mental health One of the biggest obstacles to mental health treatment is the ...


Letter: I have lived the American dream

The Lord has surrounded me with good friends, neighbors, small towns and family. I was blessed with six ...


Letter: Bennett’s claim is legitimate

Discrimination in any form is wrong. Pulling the “white supremacy,” “race card” and other similar tactics to shut ...


Letter: More discussion needed about Mayo CEO salaries

Many seniors in Austin read in the Rochester Post Bulletin an article titled “Should top Mayo Clinic leaders ...


Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To Albert Lea Teacher of the Year Wendy Greenfield. Hats off to Southwest Middle School teacher Wendy Greenfield, ...


Editorial: Continue to support Albert Lea’s fireworks

An article about a recent decision to move Albert Lea’s fireworks display from the city beach to a ...


Guest column: Community news is too valuable to lose

“If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, judges and ...


April Jeppson: Difficult but necessary choices for happiness

On my way out the door this morning, I noticed that my kitchen table was still covered in ...


Capitol Comments: Support law enforcement officers, don’t vilify them

One of the core functions of government is providing for the safety and protection of its citizens. It ...


Letter: Support Albert Lea baseball team at games

Baseball season is in full swing for our Albert Lea Tiger baseball team, and the weather is finally ...

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