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Editorial: Children in Albert Lea, everywhere deserve better 

The Albert Lea school board did the right thing for students Monday when it voted in a special ...


Editorial Roundup: A needed push to protect the infants in Minnesota

Minnesota is admirably poised to take a pioneering step forward to help babies born with an underrecognized virus ...


My Point of View: Minnesota must consider rural needs in its decisions

Minnesota’s outstate residents have unique challenges compared to metro area residents. These differences require innovative approaches. Rural areas ...


Ask SCORE: How to find customers for your business 

Last week several SCORE mentors were meeting and discussing the help that some small business CEOs need to ...


Al Batt: A peacock doesn’t look that good wearing cargo shorts

couldn’t sneak up on us. On our farm, we had worthy watchdogs. One was a dog that doubled ...


Sarah Stultz: Reunion with family will be joyous occasion

After more than two years without taking a vacation — beyond a day trip to the Twin Cities ...

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Make your voice heard at your local caucus

Are you tired of the current political climate in our state and across the country?  Are you tired ...

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Editorial: Proposed rebate checks better spent elsewhere

Earlier this week, Gov. Tim Walz proposed sending rebate checks to Minnesotans, which would come out of Minnesota’s ...


April Jeppson: Look for the blessings instead of the negative

It’s Thursday and I’m getting my hair colored. Finally. I feel like it’s been so long, but perhaps ...


Live United: Jump in and help wash the dishes at the United Way

“Everyone wants to save the world, but no one wants to help mom do the dishes.”

Letters to the Editor

Letter: City logo is a timeless design

I am a native Albert Lean and graduated from ALHS. This is where my wife and I purchased ...

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Editorial Roundup: Republic is threatened by ongoing divisions

Americans can agree: We’re deeply divided. From letters to the editor, to nasty emails and social media postings, ...


Ask a Trooper: Is it legal to have a scanner in your car? 

Question: I have a friend who drives around with a scanner in his vehicle. He says because he ...


Sarah Stultz: Do we ever get used to winter conditions?

After 15 years of living in Minnesota, I still can’t say I love snow, but I can definitely ...


Al Batt: If I only had a brain in my head with more bran in it

We didn’t have The Weather Channel. But we still had weather during my formative years. Things have changed. We ...

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