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April Jeppson: The missing cue ball and finding a solution

My co-worker and I found ourselves at a party this week with a house full of people we ...


April Jeppson: School’s almost out and it’s time for summer

People are mowing their lawns, and the schools are having their fun days so you know summer is ...


April Jeppson: Find your “MmmBop” on the dreary days

The clouds and the rain are starting to get to me. At first, it was a nice break ...


April Jeppson: Don’t forget to schedule in some ‘me time’

I don’t always remember what I write about from week to week. However, I’m pretty sure I said ...


April Jeppson: How a hug gave light during a tough week

I sometimes work long hours. Lately, that “sometimes” has turned into a “usually.” I genuinely enjoy my co-workers ...


April Jeppson: Be prepared for the jabs if you need them

I recently attended a self defense class. It was a basic overview of what to look for and ...


April Jeppson: Always look for the good — it’s everywhere

I’m going to retell a story that happened to a friend of mine.


April Jeppson: It feels good to see the best in people

They say a person can only pretend to be something they are not for three or four months. ...


April Jeppson: It’s time to have more outdoor meetings

I looked at the weather forecast and got both confused and, dare I say it, hopeful. Spring in ...


April Jeppson: Ready to make some memories on vacation

You will be happy to know that I have reservations secured for my upcoming trip. There were a ...


April Jeppson: Take a deep breath and try to see the big picture

We made it folks. I know there will be a few more storms on the horizon. I’m aware ...


April Jeppson: Taking full advantage of a snow day off

I love a good blizzard. I actually really like that my children can do their schoolwork from home ...


April Jeppson: Positive quotes give a boost this time of year

It feels very February-ey today. The temperature outside feels colder than usual. The beautiful hoarfrost that was blessing ...


April Jeppson: Give yourself a chance to reboot when needed

There are people in this world who are just like sunshine. Sitting with them, talking to them, sometimes ...


April Jeppson: Learn to trust your intuition; it’s usually right

Before I get too deep into whatever it is that I’m talking about today I wanted to let ...

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