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Progress: Name that building!

Published 1:47pm Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here is the answer key for the “Name that building!”
A. Emmons Library
B. Richards Wood Products
C. Southern Minnesota Electric
D. Geneva Community Center
E. Emmons Lutheran Church
F. Hayward Cooperative
G. Bauer’s Storage
H. The Office
I. Nick’s Country Store
J. Hollandale Christian School
K. Hayward Village Center
L. Shell Rock Ag
M. Community Lutheran Church
N. Geneva Bar & Grill
O. Northern Country Co-op
P. Hollandale Rest Area
Q. Mattson’s Lawn & Garden
R. Twin Lakes Substation
S. Garden Diva
T. Com-Tec
U. Jones’ Storage
V. Glenville-Emmons Elementary School
W. Minne-Soy-Ta Nice
X. American Legion Post 317
Y. Ag Power Enterprises
Z. Hayward Apartments
AA. Lou-Rich
BB. Commerce Bank
CC. Pheasant Links
DD. Larry’s 65 Mobile
EE. Poet Biorefining
FF. Security Bank Minnesota
GG. SoyMor
HH. First Lutheran Church
II. St. James Catholic Church
JJ. Hollandale Heritage Huis
KK. Tyson
LL. Blazing Star Trail restrooms
MM. Conservative Congregational Church
NN. Citizens State Bank
OO. Glenville Grain
PP. Park Apartments
QQ. Becker Auto
RR. Three-In-1
SS. Broskoff Structures
TT. Glenville-Emmons High School