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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 7:51am Sunday, February 19, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To Minnesota Department of Transportation snowplow drivers.

The drivers who clear the state’s highways and freeways usually get talked about when they haven’t cleared a snowy roadway yet. It has been nice this past week that two of them were recognized for something else — saving a life. Tom Johnson of the Albert Lea MnDOT shop said it well when he said: “Our job is to keep the roads as safe as possible, even if that means getting out.” We appreciate all the snowplow drivers — state and local — for their service to keeping the roads clear and ready for winter traffic. Thank you for all you do.


To FFA Week.

You can tell when it is George Washington’s birthday when the local, state and national levels of the FFA Organization are celebrating National FFA Week. The organization reveres Washington for his leadership, steadfast vision, his organizational skills and because he was better able to serve the country because he was financially independent — good things to strive for. We honor FFA and its future leaders. (We probably don’t need to explain anymore that FFA is about more than farming.)


To Alliant Energy refunds.

Talk about a stimulus package. Even in a light winter, many families can use a break on their heating bills. It will be good for Albert Lea businesses and families to receive their refunds. They are on the way in the form a credit on the bill sometime between March and May. We suggest shopping local with the savings, if you don’t merely put the savings in the bank for the long-term needs.