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Editorial: Get breaking news via Twitter

Published 10:04am Thursday, April 5, 2012


Like to find out about breaking news as soon as it happens, read feature stories and interact with others while also voicing your opinion?

The Tribune is rethinking how it approaches Twitter.

No longer will it be just headlines, headlines, headlines.

Each time there’s a big fire, scandal, arrest or crash, the Tribune will tweet about it first on Twitter.

Want to find out first about high-profile court cases and events, or find out the results of a high school basketball game? You guessed it, visit Twitter.

Staff writers and editors also will tweet about the stories they are working on, a chance for readers to peek behind the scenes and know what is coming.

Also, the Tribune very much wants readers to give us feedback through Twitter. Tell us what you think. The best of our followers’ comments might appear in print or on the web.

You can follow the Tribune’s tweets on your phone or computer, or right on the Tribune website’s home page. The sports Twitter is on the sports page of the website.

On Twitter, we are @altribune and


For folks who like the entire web address, visit!/altribune or!/altribunesports.

If you have a smartphone, make sure you download the Twitter application and find us.

Thanks for reading!