19-year-old charged for relations with girl 2 years younger

Published 2:08pm Friday, September 14, 2012

A local 19-year-old faces four felony criminal sexual conduct charges in Mower County Court after breaking up with a now 17-year-old girl.

According to the court complaint, the defendant and victim were 18 and 16, respectively, when they were dating and having sex, to which both the victim and defendant admitted.

However, local attorneys say because the defendant was allegedly living in the same house as the victim while they were sexually active, he violated portions of Minnesota statutes 609.344 and 609.345 (www.revisor.leg.state.mn.us/ pubs).

According to local attorneys, there would be no charges in this case had the couple not been living together.

An officer was following up on a June 30 sexual assault report in this case on Aug. 9, and found the defendant, who was arrested. The defendant pleaded not guilty to all charges Thursday in Mower County Court, which included two charges each of third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The county attorney’s office could not comment on the case, as it is still pending.