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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 6:31am Sunday, December 16, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To yet another crazed gunman.

It’s difficult to put into words exactly what to say when 28 people die from a shooter and 20 of them are children ages 5 to 10. Twenty. But we do know that anyone who is a parent must be disturbed by and even angry about the incident. We suggest having a conversation with your children. Ask them what they already know. Help them (and you) share feelings. Communicating feelings is important to coping with the news. Let them know that they are safe here in our community.

And then as grown-ups let us all pray that nothing like what happened in Connecticut ever, ever happens here.


To a ban on smoking at Albert Lea City Hall.

Children entering the Albert Lea Public Library shouldn’t have to walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke on their way to read books. You know what? Neither should adults. We are glad the Albert Lea City Council banned tobacco products on the City Hall campus. After all, who wants to pick up all the litter that smokers leave? What’s more, many other local businesses, such as Alliance Benefit Group next door, already disallow tobacco products. Albert Lea has a reputation as a healthy community to maintain.


To Albert Lea boys’ basketball fans.

There was a really great turnout Tuesday at the boys’ basketball game between Albert Lea and Austin high schools. Fans were cheering through the game, and when the game drew near the end, they cheered even louder and kept cheering loudly through the two overtime periods. Sadly, the Tigers lost a barnstormer, but fans made a tunnel leading to the exit and congratulated the players. This was school spirit at its best. It makes going out for a sport well worth it for the kids. After all, these contests are about them.