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Soccer plans could threaten park bliss

Published 9:15am Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It looks like it’s going to happen again.

Last year a person came to town and talked the city into letting him put in a disc golf course in Bancroft Bay Park when there already were three courses within a mile or two. Large pathways were cut through the woods, strips of dirt were dug out for concrete pads and the dirt dumped out of sight under trees. Some forms are still on some pads and most have not been back-filled. I understand this guy lived here a few months and has since left town. I and a lot of people have enjoyed the park for years, and now it’s gone.

Now the plan is to let the soccer group take over parts of Edgewater Park. Can you imagine the work that’s going to take and the traffic on the small 15 mph park road? Fix up the soccer and softball fields that are around the area already. Let’s return the parks for public use.

Paul Olson
Albert Lea