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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 5:28am Sunday, February 3, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

To the Albert Lea Police Department and Freeborn County Historical Museum.

Returning a tombstone to its proper place would seem to be a matter that could be easy to hand off to another agency or put off to a later time. After all, the owner is deceased. Instead, members of the Albert Lea Police Department, once in possession of the tombstone, begun hunting for its rightful location by working with the Freeborn County Historical Museum and local cemeteries. It belonged to Edna Victoria Bickford, who died in 1881 at the tender age of 2, and it turned out her grave was in the Itasca Cemetery on the northwest edge of Albert Lea. Thank you showing respect for the dead, unlike whoever removed that stone from the Itasca Cemetery.


To motorists who attempt to beat trains.

No matter what we say … No matter what law enforcement officers say … No matter what railroads say …No matter what coordinated railroad safety campaigns say … Drivers still cross the tracks when a train is approaching in an effort to save time. We saw one do it Wednesday. The driver went around the cross arms at Broadway and Front Street and beat a two-engine Union Pacific train headed north on the Spine Line. It’s disappointing because we all know that one day such foolishness is going to end up killing somebody.

Just wait for the trains. People at the destination will understand the delay.


To Marleny Huerta-Apanco.

This Albert Lea High School senior won the Paths to Peace of Freeborn County scholarship for her volunteer work. She is on the Albert Lea Area Schools’ Youth Advisory Committee. She was part of Link Crew, which welcomes new students at the high school. She played soccer, sang in choir and participated in mock trail. She is involved with Teens Encounter Christ and goes on mission trips through St. Theodore Catholic Church.

Many students win scholarships every year. Huerta-Apanco provides a good example of the achievements by all of them. Kudos to all the local scholars.