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Lawmakers start debate over minimum wage

Published 9:46am Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ST. PAUL — Minnesota lawmakers are moving toward their first committee vote on legislation to raise the minimum wage.

The House Labor, Workforce and Regulated Industries Committee plans to vote Thursday on a bill that would increase the floor wage in three steps until it reaches $10.55 in August 2015. After that future increases would be pegged to inflation, which would automatically boost it without legislative votes.

On Monday, a House committee heard testimony from economists from left-leaning think tanks about benefits of a higher minimum wage.

Minnesota hasn’t raised its minimum wage since 2005. The minimum wage in Minnesota law is currently $6.15 per hour, though many workers automatically receive the higher federal minimum of $7.25 per hour.

An all-Democratic state government gives good odds to a minimum-wage increase.


  1. Randy Kruckeberg

    I wonder if they will consider how many jobs especially youth jobs will be lost because business cannot afford higher labor costs the ones that do survive will have to raise prices to recoup the cost of higher labor.

    Guess what that means higher prices for everybody across the board and higher unemployment for low skilled workers here is a concept let the market decide the wages people will get paid what they are worth.