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Holy Week has changed over years

Published 8:59am Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Remember Albert Lea in the 1940s? We had come here to what seemed to be a nice town to raise a family.

How many of you remember that?

Holy Week was special here.

On Good Friday, one of our movie theaters held a Good Friday service. All of the downtown stores were closed, and the theater was full. Yes, this really was a very special time of year! And a special town.

How blasé we have become!


Lorrie Fjermestad
Albert Lea

  • Scott Bute

    Oh, how right you are Lorrie. In this day and age, we have to endure things such as the truly pathetic and bigoted display on top of the building at the corner of Front Street and Madison. What is really amazing about the message on this display is that the guy who is so concerned about women not allowed to be the Pope is the same person who has profited from the degradation of women through the sale of porn.

    • stardust

      Excellent point, Scott. Irony and hypocrasy have no bounds.

  • stardust

    When “grabbing the cash and running” is taught in our schools and culture there is little wonder cultures and communities degrade and stagnate.