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Editorial: It’s a good time to plant a tree

Published 9:30am Friday, May 17, 2013

It has been two weeks since a late-season snowstorm delivered a foot of heavy snow, which caused branches and trees across Albert Lea and its vicinity and to break and fall.

And it has been nearly three years since a tornado outbreak and a memorable severe thunderstorm tore up or knocked down many trees in the area.

Let’s not be lazy and allow there be fewer trees than before. It’s time to do something about it. May is Arbor Month in Minnesota. Most of the trees are on private property, which means it is up to homeowners and business owners to replenish the city forest and to restock groves on farms.

An average ready-to-plant tree purchased from a nursery costs a little more than $100. For the shade they provide and, if near a house, the energy savings they provide, the price is a bargain.

Albert Lea and its surrounding cities are beautiful places largely because of the presence of trees. The fewer the trees, the less pleasant a neighborhood seems. And many farms stand out because of their beautiful groves.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources this month asks people to celebrate Arbor Month. We agree.

When people get done cleaning up debris, it’s a good time to plant a tree.