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Violations alleged against Harmony Park

Published 10:30am Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freeborn County commissioners approved a resolution Tuesday outlining possible violations of the conditional-use permit for Harmony Park, the music-and-camping venue along the western shore of Geneva Lake.

The resolution will be used as a discussion point at an Aug. 6 public hearing, where the commissioners are considering whether to take action on the permit.

The park has been in the spotlight after multiple arrests took place there during the Bella Music Fest Memorial Day weekend.

Park owner Jay Sullivan could not be reached for comment. In a previous interview, Sullivan said what caused the multiple drug-related arrests at the festival was that the promoter slashed security and medical staff and oversold tickets without his knowledge. He said he cut ties with that promoter. He said he was taking steps to ensure that doesn’t happen again by either working hand in hand with the promoters or else running security and medical himself.

The possible violations listed in the resolution were the following:

• Noncompliance with permits through the Minnesota Department of Health.

Freeborn County Zoning Administrator Wayne Sorenson said the Health Department requires all permanent camping sites to be labeled and requires a site diagram, which had not been completed when the park was inspected.

Sorenson said Sullivan told him the diagram had been sent in earlier this week.

There was also some question about food processing or catering at the park.

• Having a reputable, insured security firm on duty at events.

• Having a schedule of the five large events submitted to the county zoning administrator before the first event of the year.

• Placing temporary two-sided no parking signs on portions of 800th Avenue affected by the park.

Sullivan said he would work diligently to resolve the issues at hand, according to Sorenson.

Harmony Park is at 79503 298th St.