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The local Republican Party has open arms

Published 10:44am Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Column: My Point of View, by Jerrold Dettle

The current political scene is very divisive and sometimes feeds ill will. Most citizens are discouraged by the controversial atmosphere and occasional hostility. Meanwhile, the less involved drop out of the quagmire just to seek a more serene life.

If this climate continues to persist, then the eventual result is catastrophic for all citizens because total political decision-making then falls into the highly suspect hands of a few.

Jerrold Dettle
Jerrold Dettle

This is why all democracies eventually fail and why the Founding Fathers attempted to set up the best available balance of power in their new government. It was a tremendous task for these early pioneers, and when an early newspaper publisher asked Ben Franklin what they had accomplished, he replied, “A Republic, if you can maintain it.”

At this time, a fervent interest in politics seems to be waning when it is most needed to preserve the 237 years of freedom in our nation. What else is more important for our children? Is it soccer, football, video games or Halloween?

What is most important for the older set? Is it television or the preservation of life?

All the above will essentially disappear when the loss of freedom quickly overwhelms us. If one wishes to enjoy a horror movie, they should save the price of a rental and just wait until our freedoms have been decimated. The scenes will be much more realistic.

If we think big and become involved, we may fail. But if we are little thinkers, we will never succeed in anything.

Each major political party needs volunteers and the input of citizens in this area. And anyone’s contribution of thought or time is desired. Only if this improves will true democracy and freedom survive in our lives.

If someone feels they can bring compromise to the political scene at this time, this is badly needed. If others feel that their principles must be held fast in certain areas, this is just as imperative. But input, courage and involvement are essential to the preservation of liberty.

Having attended two recent meetings held by our local state representative, one at the library and one at the high school, I was very disappointed in the attendance. The recent health care meeting at the middle school was well attended, but probably because it was more of an emotional issue. The main sorrow is that political involvement is greatly lacking at a crucial period.

Some may be unaware. Some may be in disbelief, but the truth is our state and our nation is falling rapidly behind in many critical areas.

For example, it is vital that we stop the destruction of private sector jobs, continue to improve education and work collectively to uplift the poor. True change in the current direction requires the efforts of everyone to save us from the inevitable servitude that is coming.

Our arms are open to embrace all of any culture and creed in the promise of achieving the American dream.


Jerrold Dettle is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.