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Communist files not trustworthy

Published 11:23am Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I do not know Mr. Michael Karkoc, nor do I know anything about his guilt or innocence. But I certainly do know about the “newly unearthed investigative file” described in the Associated Press article printed Monday in the Tribune. This article conveniently omits the fact that these were Soviet Communist Party files. All one has to do is recall the Stalin purges and the resulting Moscow show trials of the 1930s where the accused confessed to every fabrication imaginable before being executed. All these confessions were obtained after these individuals sustained horrific torture by the Communist interrogators.

This “Russian-language investigative file” obtained from the old Communist “prosecutors’ office” should not be used as any trustworthy evidence but exposed for what it most probably was: a forced fictitious confession after significant torture.


Leonid Skorin Jr.
Albert Lea