--Brandi Hagen/Albert Lea Tribune
-- Brandi Hagen/Albert Lea Tribune

12 cats of Christmas

Published 3:01pm Saturday, December 21, 2013

Editor’s note: This letter to Santa was written by Dee Amberg, a full-time volunteer at the Humane Society of Freeborn County from the perspective of Marie, a cat waiting to be adopted. Photos by Brandi Hagen.

A special adoption event will be held Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Humane Society, 101 James Ave., near the boat landing in Frank Hall Park. All cats and kittens are $25. All dogs will be $75. Applications are required.


Dear Santa,

It’s that special time of year again. We have heard the volunteers talking about Christmas and how they hope we will all find good, loving homes. Some of us have been here a long time, Santa., and we are hoping this will be the Christmas we go home.



Trey came here as a small kitten. He was very shy and scared of large places. He has moved from the cage down the hall from me into the cat room where he is doing very well. He just needs a family that will take the time to help him adjust to living in a home. He is such a sweet boy. I hope he gets his wish.



Mimi is a very pretty cat. She came to us so sick and very unsocialized. She is now healthy and better about letting humans pet her. She also lives in the cat room. She needs a quiet home where her human companions let her share her affection on her own terms. She needs a very special home, Santa, I hope you can giver her one.



Lulu lives across the hall from me, Santa. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell. She has had a rough life. Her first time in a shelter was after she was found on a hot summer day in a plastic pet carrier. She was adopted and had a home until about two years ago when her human companion was aging and had to surrender her back to the shelter. Lulu has trust issues and needs to approach people on her own terms. She needs a very quiet home with no small children or other animals. Please, Santa, can you find a home for her?


Lacy and Amber

Lacy and Amber live across from me. Lacy is Amber’s mother. They were trying to live outdoors but weren’t having much luck so they were brought here. Lacy is a very affectionate tabby cat. She would sit on your lap all day if you would let her. She loves to be petted. Amber is a little shyer and needs extra time to get used to people. She has the most beautiful yellow eyes. They would both make great pets and fill a home with love if someone would let them.


Molly, Polly and Holly

Molly, Polly and Holly live down the hall from me. They were found abandoned in an apartment. They are such pretty sisters. How could someone do that, Santa? Molly is the most outgoing of the three followed by Holly. Polly is the shyest, but if you take your time with her she comes around and lets you pet her. Molly and Holly would be great with kids. I think Polly would do better with older children. We need three homes for them, Santa.


Jermaine and Jaylen

Jermaine and Jaylen live way down the hall from me, Santa.

They were found as very small kittens. They lived in a foster home, but did not get much exposure to too many humans so when they came here they were both very shy and scared. They both have the most beautiful eyes. Jermaine is the most outgoing and would do well in any type of home. Jaylen is still shy and would do better in a quiet home with adults only or adults and much older children. They have been here a long time, Santa, and just need a chance to show how much love they have. Please find them a kind, patient home.



Trinity lives in the last cage on my side, Santa. She is a very pretty black and white cat. Her owner had to surrender her. She had a growth on her face, but it is benign and has gone down. She has put on some extra weight and she thinks its because of these issues that noone wants her. She has a big heart, Santa, and wants to share her love with a special family. She was an only cat and prefers to stay that way.



Santa, my name is Marie. This will be my second Christmas here in the shelter. I am a little shy when it comes to meeting you for the first time, but if you are patient I will come around. The volunteers tell me I am very pretty due to my coloring, and they also tell me I am a very loving girl. I like it when they pet me and tell me how special I am. I hope I will get a home soon. I would like one without dogs because they scare me. It would also be nice if I could be an only cat.

We are not little kittens anymore. We have all been here a long time. Sometimes we feel like we are on the Island of Misfit Toys. We all need special homes, and we know they are out there. Please don’t walk past us. Give us our chance to show you what special cats we are. We just want loving homes for Christmas, please Santa?


Patiently waiting,
your friend,

Humane Society
wish list

• Bleach

• Dish soap

• Scoopable cat litter

• Kitty laser lights

• Spic and span

• Laundry soap

• 13 gallon garbage bags

• Purina complete cat chow

• Black Kongs

• Soft dog treats

• Large ceramic bowls

• Poop scoops for dogs

• Stainless steel dishes with hangers for cages

• Round plastic toys with balls inside

• Large stainless steel dishes

• Paper towels

• Marrow bones

• Litter scoops

• Cat beds

• Cat toys